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Published & Printed Family Histories

The following list is printed and published family histories available for viewing at the Heritage Center Library. (If more than one surname is listed in the title, it is listed below under the first name listed in the title).



A History and Genealogical Record of the ALLING-ALLENS of New Haven, Conn. (Descendants of Roger Alling, First, and John Alling, Sen., from 1030 to the present time) By: George P. Allen

Henry Aschermann - “The Immigrant” and His Descendants, 1846 - 1984 By: Virginia Aschermann

Descendants of Charles & Belle Allsop


The Joseph Baker Family By: Bonnie E. Baker and the Baker Cousins; Published in Honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Baker Reunion 1929-1978, 2nd Edition.

Barrickman-Barrackman of Crawford County, Pennsylvania By: Miss June B. Barekman


A Bedwell Family - Robert Bedwell, Sr.  (Fourteen Generations of his Descendants from St. Giles Parish, Cripplegate, London, England in 1635 to all the Fifty United States of America and many foreign countries in 1982) By: Larry King

Moses Barber of South Kingstown, Rhode Island and Many Descendants, 1652-1984 By: Lous J. (Barbar) Schroeder, 1984

A Blakey Book - Being an Account of Those Believe to be Descended from Thomas and Susannah Blakey of Christ Church Parish Middlesex County Virginia By: Bernard Buckner (“B.B.”) Blakey

Family History of Bright/Harrell/Oakley Families also Steed/Mc Gullion/Keeling/Smith/ Mikesell/Marcheschi/Frantz/Townsend families By: Francis W. Marcheschi

Boden, Goyer, McReynolds, Fleming, Rooney Families By: Mr/Mrs. Elgin Daily

History of the Bone Family of America: Descendants of William Bone I to the Mid-Nineteenth Century and Some of His Ancestors, Volume I, 1692-1850 By: Robert Gehlmann Bone

The W.R. Bone Family of Bethany, Illinois - Ancestral Histories and Genealogies By: June Sporleder McCain and assisted by Cousins

Boon Genealogy 1984 By: Rupert Farnham Thompson, Assisted by Arthur Bunton Jones

Boggs - Hostetler - Forkner - Macedon - Shiels - Nolan By: Loretta A. Boggs Martin

The Bourlands in America - Tracing One Scotch-Irish Family From Colonial Days to the Present By: Carl & May Read

Descendants of Neal and Fern Brackney - With Agnes Brackney Gramblin’s Descendants By: Robert A. Young, Colonel USAF (Ret.)


Cadman Family History By: Ann Richardson

Peter Cartwright

“Hoof beats to Heaven” A True Chronicle of the Life and Wild Time of Peter Cartwirght, Circuit Rider By: Sydney Greenbie & Marjorie Barstow Greenbie - 1955

History of the Carlock Family

(Excerpts from) History of the Carlock Family and Adventured of Pioneer Americans  By: Marion Pomeroy Carlock

The Life History of William Cazier By: Martha Cazier Eagar

The Chance Family - England to American 1668-1981 By: Hilda Chance

Craig Family By: Doris E. Craig Grant

The Crowders in Moultrie County, Illinois (Including other Crowder families in Indiana and elsewhere) By: Roy E. Crowder

The Cruit Book - Family History and Recipes By: Lois Cruitt; Assisted by Ruby(Cruit) Ray & Mildred (Cruit) Lindsey

The Crum Family in American, revised edition By: Ferris B. Crum


Descendants of Andrew J. Davis 1831-1996 By: Beverly A. Elzy

Sarah - A Documentary Concerning Sarah Halloway Dodge - Her Life and Times By: Kathryn G. Hansen

The Donovan Family - Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois By: Sharon Leezer

Chesley Drew of Moultrie County Illinois and His Family By: Orris R. Drew

Ancestors of Susan Elaine and Sarah Jane Drew By: Orris R. Drew


Butternut Britches and Hickory Poles: Congressman John R. Eden and the Democracy in Civil War-ear Illinois By: Bob Sampson

A Political Biography of the Hon. John R. Eden By: John Martin George, Jr.

Families Named Elder in East Tennessee By: Virginia Knight Nelson

Descendants of Samuel Elder (died about 1811) and His Son William Elder (died in 1823) Who Settled in Moultrie County, Illinois By: Warner Davis

Descendants of Samuel Elder (died about 1811) and His Son William Elder (died in 1823) Who Settled in Moultrie County, Illinois, second edition, 1998 By: Warner Davis

Family History - Israel Ellis - Robert Phillips By: Kenneth Dicks, 1976

A Promise Made By: Dalson Henry Esry


The Michael Fetters Family - From Their German Roots in Direct Descent to Michael Fetters (1819-1875) of Burr Oak, Indiana and His Descendants By: Mary Emma Curtis

Fooks Family By: Herbert C. Fooks


Baltzer Getz German Immigrant - Our Ancestor and His Descendants, from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Shenandoah County, Virginia and Beyond By: James E. Getz

Reminiscences of Henry M. Gleason By: Henry Allan Gleason

Footprints of Time - A Genealogy of the Graven Family and allied families of Fultz, McCarty, Kidwell, Gerkings, and Ridgeway By: Audrey Jean (Harris) Groves

Goff-Davis Ancestral Lines - The Ancestry of Moulton Babcock Goff and His Wife Agnes Hopkins Davis By: Lois B. Goff


Legends of The Haddock Family By: Hugh Ransom Haddock and Orpha Vaughan Haddock

The Hampton Family - the History and Genealogy of some of the Descendants of the Immigrant John Hamton who migrated from New Jersy to Maryland to North Carolina to Kentucky to Illinois to Kansas to Indiana Territory, Oklahoma By: Carolyn Parker Maurice

Hansons-Hensons of Botetourt and Their Descendants By: Ray Hanson

Autobiography of Don Graven Harris, Volume I

Autobiography of Don Graven Harris, Volume II

Memoirs of Samuel Rufus Harshman, Autobiography

The Harvey Name Book (Before 1900) By: Lois G. Harvey

Hill and Hill-Moberly Connections of Fairfield County, South Carolina (Hill - Moberly - Hosch) By: George A. Hill

Jacob Hochstetler Family Asscoiation Newsletter 1991-2002

In America Since 1607 - the Hollingsworth, Farmer and Judkins Families; their Ancestors, Descendants and many Related Families By: Walter I. Farmer; edited by Margaret Farmer Planton

Hook and Huck Families; Information from Dossie Elmer (Dan) Harrington Compiled by: John H. Hook

The Hook-White Notebook - A Family History and Genealogy - For the Descendants of Charles and Mabel Hook Edited By: John H. Hook

The Hortenstine Family of Washington County, Virginia, with Notes on the Wilson, Dryden, and Widener Families By: P.H. Ropp


Immel and Imel Families in America - Twigs and Branches of the Immel Family Tree By: Velma Byrum Keller


History of the Janes-Peek Family - From Grandma’s Little Trunk By: Dr. Reba Neighbors Collins

Add-1 - Janes-Peek Family History By: Dr. Reba Neighbors Collins

Add-2 - Janes-Peek Family History By: Dr. Reba Neighbors Collins

Add-3 - Janes-Peek Family History By: Dr. Reba Neighbors Collins


Genealogy of Solomon Keyer of Newbury and Chelmsford, MA 1653 - and Their Descendants - and Others of the Name By: Helen Wacaser

Family History of Elias Kidwell and Millie Jane Stevens Kidwell By: Alta Brandenburger & Genevieve Sutton

The Kidwell Family, 1998

Paternal Genealogy of Jock Howard King, and some Early Rockingham County, N.C. Families of the Town of Creek Area - Ellintons, Lillards, Moores, Forrests, and Others By: Francis I. Anderson

Kirkendoll Family, Moultrie County, Illinois By: Mrs. Lucille Kirkendoll Waggoner Toms

Descendants of Wellington Johnson - The Johnson Tree By: Dean Nelson


The Thomas Lamonts in America Edited by Corliss Lamont

Thomas Lincoln of Taunton and Joseph Kellogg of Hadley and 144 Related Colonial Families By: Ruth Lincoln Kaye

The Linder Quarterly Publications from the Linder Family Association

Linville - Linville Genealogy - My Branch of the Family Tree By: Charles M. Stilabower

Leigh - Lee - Lea - Ley - Lay - Loy - Lees - Leas - Lease - Index to Notebooks of Mrs. Edward B. Lee


Gideon Macon of Virginia and Some of His Descendants * Allies Families By: Alethea Jane Macon

The Life and Times of Dallas Orlen Mallernee (Stubborn as a Mule) - Autobiography for Descendants By: Dallas O. Mallernee

Family Trees Mallernee (Mallonee, Molyneaux, Malloney, Malernee) (Cole, Parrish, Varner, Murphy, Shroyer, Smith, Brown) By: Dallas Orlen Mallernee

The Manns of Edwards County Illinois By: Betty M. Mann

Martin - Vidler Families; Stewart - Montgomery Families By: Mrs. Kenneth Kuhns

Mathias - Roots and Branches By: Lillian Florence Mathias

The Maxedon Family History By: Hazel King Titus

Mendall - Mendel - Mandell - Descendants of John Mendall, Sr. ca. 1638-1720 of Marshfield, Mass. by ca. 1660 By: Sidney D. Smith

History of The Simon Mills Family - Book II By: Katie R. Mills and Ralph E. Mills


The Neals of Edwards County Illinois By: Betty M. Mann

Neely and Martin Descendants By: Louise Y. Neely

The Last of Five Before Two More Arrive By Dean E. Nelson


The Lineage of Samuel M. Palmer and Degracia Elder with Other Significant Lines: Bradford, Culbertson, Ewing, French, Larrabee, Newcomb By: Kenneth W. Parent

The Family of James Patterson 1758-1838 - Revolutionary War Veteran By: Donald J. Haulman

James Patterson, 1758-1838 - Revolutionary War Veteran - Virginia to Illinois (Some of his descendants, and allied lines) By: Betty J. Porter

History of the Phillips Family - A Brief History of the Phillips Family, beginning with the emigration from Wales, and a detailed genealogy of the descendants of John and Benjamin Philips, pioneer citizens of Wilson County, Tenn. By: Harry Phillips

Family Ties - Powell-Vangundy Links By: Jane Van Gundy


Reedy Genealogy By Gladys (Christy) Reedy

Riggs By: David G. Richardson

The Riherd Family By: Shelley T. Riherd

The Life of Rileys 1991 By: Lois Riley Cruitt

The James and Eliza Ritchey Family 1700-1976 By: Meribah E. Clark

Robertson Family Records By: Andrew P. Robertson

Robison Robinson Genealogy - My Branch of the Family Tree By: Charles M. Stilabower

Roney Family History and Genealogy 1690-1972 By: Doris Roney Bowers

Supplement of Additions and Corrections to Roney Family History & Genealogy 1690-1972 By: Doris Roney Bowers


The Family of Monna Faye Sampson - daughter of Fred Sampson and Nellie Corrine Sharp By: Susan McCain Grossner

The Isaac Sandford Family 1796-1975 By: Phillip F. Schlee

Sanner’s of Illinois - Descendants of Samuel and Barbara Paul Sanner By: Agnes E. Myers

Joshua Selby Family - History and Notes By: Kenneth & Janiece Selby

Selock Family History By: Sue Durbin

The Senteney-Haney Family By: Blanche Stepler; typeset by: Lynn & Juanita Senteney

Reminisces By: Charles B. Shuman

The Smith Genealogy By: Marjorie Little Napoli

Smith Sagas Publications for Smith, Smyth, Smythe, Schmidt, Schmitt, Schmich, Smit, Smitt, Smithson

Smyser - History of the Smyser Family in America - September 1731 - September 1931 By: Amanda Lydia Laucks-Xanders

Historical Sketches of the Snyder, East, and Kindred Families By: Jacquelyn Snyder Addington

Sollars & Allied Families By: Robert Sollars

The Souther Family of Virginia By: June Lenore Souther Perry

Stain - “Sullivan Illinois Revisited - A Publication to Relate some of the History of the Stain Family and Descendants from about 1827 to 1979 By: George H. Stain

The Stockwell Family - Adventures into the Past 1626-1982, second edition By: Irene Dixon Stockwell


Thompson - Delonay 1739-1980 By: Herman Joseph Thompson

Trabue Family History - Ancestry and known Descendants of David Trabue, Jr. born Oct. 9, 1768, Manikintown, Virginia, died April 8, 1842, Jessamine Co., Kentucky By: Pauline Trabue Groves Colwell and Osee Johnson Knouf


Descendants of William Vatthauer 1826-1988 By: Louise Krintz Fathauer


The History and Genealogy of our Walker Family in New York, Ohio and Illinois  (Including some Allied Families) By: Bessie Carolyn Davis

The “Ciscadera” Whitleys and other Descendants of John Saunders Whitley By: Chester Perry “Bubba” Whitley and Kenneth Rea Whitley

Descendants of Abel Williams Robertson County, Tennessee By: Joyce Williams & Dave Wigginton

The Wood Family By: The American Genealogical Research Institute


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